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About DLC Sports

We specialise in sports coaching for children and our mission is to encourage them to become more active from an early age. Obesity is on the rise in the UK and children are spending an increasing amount of time indoors and not expending the energy they need to. Coaching sports to children must be fun and engaging and at DLC Sports, our focus is on driving child development through highly participative programs. Our reward is seeing your children grow in confidence, heightening their social skills and making great friends along the way.


Football is dubbed the most popular sport in the world as millions of people watch and play it week in and week out at different levels. We teach football across the ages of 18 months to 7 years as an instrument to educate, socialise and promote health making sure the children have fun whilst learning.


Basketball is not known as a popular sport in United Kingdom but we are gradually seeing the sport evolve and grow in popularity as companies such as NBA have been bringing some of their league games to London since 2011. As a result, more children are interested in playing basketball.


Rugby can be taught from 18 months onwards. We would start with the basic techniques of throwing, catching, kicking, some movements with the ball and then we would move into different stages of physical and intellectual development based on understanding the varying needs of each child.

The coaching process

At DLC Sports, we believe the most important aspect of coaching sports for children is to ensure learning is fun and engaging. The ability to progress and develop in a safe and friendly environment is essential to build confidence. Children are encouraged to play as a team whilst enhancing their spatial awareness and ball skills through exciting games designed to stimulate their imagination. We base our toddlers sessions on colours, shapes, numbers, transport, animals, festivals, celebrations and seasons. We will be supporting every step of the learning process by designing unique interactive programs tailored to each age group.

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About the coach

Daniel was born in São Paulo, Brazil and grew up in a sports loving family playing football, volleyball, tennis, judo and competing in equestrian events as well as playing basketball at a semi- professional level in Italy and Brazil. His passion for sports led him to a degree in Sports Science.

During that time he began coaching basketball and football learning that sports is a gateway to education and is fundamental to a child's development. Daniel has spent the past four years in London driving his dream through coaching and motivating children of all ages, teaching them how to: make friends, stay healthy, improve confidence, stimulate sensory perception, and most importantly, engage and have fun.